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Our Aleph Champ program for grades 1-7, modeled after the Karate Martial Arts system of motivational colored levels, breaks up the Hebrew reading process into bite sized motivational levels.

Students start as a white Aleph Champ working their way through the different “belts” until they become a black Aleph Champ with the ability to read fluently from the Siddur (prayerbook).

Our Hebrew School individualizes Aleph Champ instruction providing each student with a one-on-one tutoring session, made possible on a zoom platform. Our students progress at their own pace and get tested before advancing to the next level.

At the start of the year you will be asked to select a time that is most convenient for your child’s tutoring session to take place. Information to log in to your child’s virtual classroom will be sent to you via email.

Hebrew reading homework practice reinforces what students have learned that week and enables children to progress more quickly. Our Hebrew reading homework system makes homework fun and doable. Details about the program can be found here.

Students who complete homework are rewarded for their efforts.


  1. White Aleph Champion
    • Mastery of the first seven Hebrew letters; vowels; kamatz, patach and tzerei; and blending two-letter words.
  2. Red Aleph Champion
    • Mastery of the first ten Hebrew letters; vowels; segol and shva; and blending three-letter words.
  3. Orange Aleph Champion
    •  Mastery of the first fourteen Hebrew letters; vowels; cholam moleh, cholam chaser, and chirik; and blending four-letter words.
  4. Yellow Aleph Champion
    • Mastery of the first nineteen Hebrew letters; vowels; koobootz, shoorook, and Chataf kamatz, patach, and segol; and blending five-letter words.

  5. Green Aleph Champion
    • Mastery of the first twenty three Hebrew letters; Consolidating all vowels and blending six-letter words.

  6. Blue Aleph Champion
    • Mastery of all Hebrew letters; Consolidating all vowels and blending seven-letter words.

  7. Purple Aleph Champion
    • Consolidating all Hebrew letters, vowels and words learnt so far.

  8. Brown Aleph Champion
    • Fluency of basic prayers.