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Discover the Hebrew Homework program.

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Review is integral to every successful reading program – as we all know, practice makes perfect. Our NEW Hebrew reading homework system for grades 2-7 makes homework fun and doable!


    1. Students receive a review sheet based on their Aleph Champ reading level. The sheet gets kept at home along with a 2 minute sand timer.
    2. Call the Hebrew reading hotline using the number printed at the top of the sheet (516.586.7247) and when prompted enter your child’s personalized 3 digit ID. (Your child’s 3 digit ID can be found at the top of the homework sheet as well)
    3. When ready to start recording press 1 and read until the timer is up (120 seconds)
    4. An email of the recording will immediately be sent to you as well as to your child’s Aleph Champ teacher for review.
    5. A raffle will be held each week at Hebrew school for students who completed their homework during the week. Students who call in once will receive 1 ticket in the raffle and those who call in twice earn 3 tickets! (only recordings that are left by Thursday night will be included in the raffle).
    6. Students MUST complete their homework a minimum of 8 times before he/she can get tested and advance to the next level.